Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Hunger Games-How to look like Katniss *Tribute*

Hey, Everyone!

I thought I'd switch up my blog a little bit and do a how-to.
The Hunger Games movie premier is coming up and I know fans like to dress up. 
I know I'm dressing up. *wink* 

Everything I found was from Target. Budget friendly, yay!

What you'll need:


The Tributes wear a black v-neck top. I chose a long sleeve incase it was cold, but Target also has short sleeves like the Tributes wear.
I actually found this exact top on sale for $8 at my Target.

Green Cargo Pants- Mossimo- $29.99

I actually found a pair at Abercrombie on sale for $12 and they were having 40% off on top of that. So, always look around for a deal.

Black jacket-Converse-$39.99

I found another jacket at Target, but it's not online. The one I bought was $35 and a little longer.

Mossimo boots-$34.99
*These are only available online*


Viola! Katniss.

Are you going to watch the movie when it comes out? Have you read the books?


  1. I'm hurriedly reading the first one now! I can't wait for the movie, but think I'll let the FAN fans go 1st. HAHAHA This is a wonderful outfit you put together. It definitely puts you in the mood for it. :D

  2. New follower! I love The Hunger Games and I can not wait for it to come out Friday!


  3. nice tips!
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