Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dupe for Julep's Anne

Hey everyone!

I found a dupe for Julep's Anne, duh, I come up with some cleaver titles..I know. :-P

When I saw Anne in my January Julep Maven box, Forever 21's Love & Beauty-Purple came to mind.
I couldn't remember if I gave my "purple" (L&B's titles are just about cleaver as mine..haha) away or not. 
*I had to make room for all my new polishes...addicted much?*

I did NOT give it away, so I compared and this is what I found...

Julep's Anne-Love & Beauty's Purple

Love & Beauty is $2.80 for .47fl oz
Julep's is $14 for .27fl oz

My tags showed up microscopically...so, if you don't have super vision, it reads:
Juleps, L&B's, Juleps, L&B's, Juleps.

Both polishes needed two coats to be opaque and streak free.
They are both creamy, but Julep's seemed to dry a little more matte.
With topcoat, they look identical. 

L&B is on the pointer and ring finger.

Julep is on the pinky, middle, and thumb.

With topcoat

With topcoat, Julep is on the pinky, middle, and thumb.

Julep's brush.

L&B's brush.

The brushes are about the same, other than Julep's handle is longer. 

I can't really tell you how the wear compares, I use my hands alot and my nail polishes tend to chip the very next day regardless of what brand and topcoat I use. 

I say if you like this color and want to try it out, go for the Love & Beauty. It's way cheaper and you get more product. 


  1. It´s great to see your creativity in this blog.


  2. love these shades

  3. Nice pictures :) You have a new member now!! :)

  4. How neat!

    I found this nail polish organizer on Amazon.. I think I'm going to get one to house all my polishes!

  5. What a dead-ringer! You are awesome girl! That totally saves eleven bucks. Love that shade of purple.

  6. the color are awesome :D but without the topcoat i like more the little shiny one (:


  7. wow, they look dead on! amazing dupe! :) I love the Love & Beauty polishes!

  8. Do you happen to know the EXACT name of the Love & Beauty polish? I've looked on Forever21's website, and they're are four different purples....

    1. It was called, "Purple." I just checked out the Forever 21 website and it looks like they don't have this color available anymore. :(