Thursday, January 26, 2012

Freebie Alert!- Versace Yellow Diamond deluxe sample

Head on over the Versace's  facebook page and "like" them for a free deluxe sample of their new Yellow Diamond perfume. 

"Our gift to you: luminosity in a scent. Versace Yellow Diamond unveils like a burst of light, gleaming and glistening with notes of citron and fresh pear that fuse with sparkling bergamot and dynamic neroli accents. Elegant orange blossom shines through notes of freesia, mimosa and nymphea, and amber wood captures sensuality and charm."

Let me know if you get one.


Friday, January 20, 2012

February Julep Maven options

Hey, everyone!

I got my Julep email this morning and I have the options for February.

I haven't made up my mind on which box I want this profile is American Beauty...any thoughts?

I really like this red, but I have a ton of red...I might keep this as my option, but I don't know just yet...

This blue is looking nice...

I love, and have a ton of purple too...

Hmmm, maybe?

Just an FYI, the "It girl" box will be all polish from now on.

And Julep is also having a contest for whoever is getting the February box, you will automatically be entered to win a Box of Mystery valued at $100
That would be a nice little treat. Crossing fingers now. ;0)

Want to try Julep for a penny? Use code NEWYEAR2012

My Julep Link:
If you want to give me credit, appreciated, not required.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hunger Game news:China Glaze released nail polish bottles (Pics)

Look at those beautiful colours! Let the "oooohs" and "ahhhs" begin.
I can't wait to swatch these.

Will you be purchasing from this collection? Have you read the books yet? Excited for the movie? I am!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Zoya makes me Happi-swatches

Hey, everyone.

I said I'd post some swatches for my Zoya I picked up from their free flash sale..sooo, today I bring you "Happi."

I am in no way, shape, or form a pro, so please forgive my horrid skills. Heh. Heh. ;0P

I think this was two coats without topcoat.

two coats/no topcoat.

two coats/no topcoat

I had to throw in a Mommy/Daughter swatch. Two coats/no topcoat.
I just wanted to point out this looks good on all skin tones. I'm a yellow undertone and my daughter is a pink undertone. 

Three coats/no topcoat

three coats/no topcoat

three coats/no topcoat

*All info is straight from Zoya's site*


Color Description: Pink metallic duochrome. A frosty hint of gold creates a unique peachy-pink.

Color Family: Pinks & Mauves

Color Finish: Metallic Duo-chrome

Color intensity: 4 (1=Sheer-5=Opaque)

Color Tone: Warm

Original Collection: Reverie

Price: $8.00

My Thoughts:

I really, really, really like this color.
 My swatches do this no justice. This is a beautiful shade of pink, and their description describes it to a T. 
I did encounter some bald patches with two coats, but three pretty much cleared that up. 
This lasted longer than any of my self-manicure's. I've mentioned that I use my hands alot and get chipping almost instantly with any polish, but this actually lasted me a few days with only minor wear on the tips. I took this polish off because I wanted to try out the other shade I got (Jem) not because it needed to come off. 
When I had this polish on, I asked myself what came to mind when I saw this color and I thought "Happy," so the name definitely fits. 
I LOVE this shade. It's now one of my favorites.

Have you tried Zoya polishes? Love 'em? Hate 'em? What are your fav shades?


Monday, January 16, 2012

My January Birchbox

My January Birchbox is here!

And, once again, I cheated. I'm a cheater. I looked up my box, again. *sigh*
One day, I'm not going to cheat so I can be surprised. One day. LOL.

I think I got Box #3, and I really wanted Box #4.
I wanted the polish and eyeliner, dangit! :0)

This month's theme was Clarity.

I was SUPER excited for this. 
Stila-Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Peacock.
Full size 

This is a gorgeous color.

Borghese-CuraForte Moisture Intensifier
You put this on before your moisturizer....hmmm, I don't know how I feel about adding more steps to my face routine. It's supposed to make your moisturizer work harder...? We will see, I guess.
A full size costs $67.50

Jouer- Body Butter
This has shea butter, olive and avocado oils in it.
It smells like flowers. It reminds me of being at my grandma's house playing outside next to her flowers. It has Gardenia, Jasmine, and Honeysuckle in it.
A full size is $32

I really like the consistency of this, it's not greasy at all. 
I wish it didn't smell like flowers. I do like the memory I have tied with the scent, but I can't do flowers on me.  This is a migraine trigger scent for me. I love everything else about it though. :0(

Juicy Couture- Viva La Juicy-full size $69-$89
Okay, I didn't like getting this as a sample, let me tell you why...
I have THREE bottles of this! LOL...big ones...and I did NOT pay full price. 
You can get this, and the other Juicy scents, at TJ Maxx for a fraction of the cost. 
With that being said, I love this perfume, obviously...I just don't need another sample of it. ;0)

Larabar-Coconut (I forget the real name, but it was coconut
This was the Extra.
I got a Larabar free from influenster last month. I love that it's all natural with no fillers and only has a few ingredients in them. 
Oh, and I got a magnet. 
You can never have too many magnets...

All my goods.

A naked Larabar.

Overall, this box was a great deal with the Stila eyeliner alone. 
This box was a pretty good box. 
I can't wait to see what next month holds.

Have you signed up for Birchbox yet? What box did you get? Love it or Hate it?
Are you a member for a different sampling program? Let me know your thoughts.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Look what I got in the mail today...

My FREE Zoya!

Did you guys take advantage of the Free Zoya polish code? 

I literally spent at least a solid hour trying to figure out what polishes I wanted, and these are what I chose:

Jem and Happi

I can't stay away from Pink and Purple polishes....heh...heh...
Red is also one I can't stay away from and I almost got one of

My daughter wanted me to test out Happi on her, so I did.

Two coats of Happi, without top coat.

I'm going to do swatches of my own once I try them out.

What colors did you get? 
Do you have a favorite polish color that you just can't stay away from? 


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dupe for Julep's Anne

Hey everyone!

I found a dupe for Julep's Anne, duh, I come up with some cleaver titles..I know. :-P

When I saw Anne in my January Julep Maven box, Forever 21's Love & Beauty-Purple came to mind.
I couldn't remember if I gave my "purple" (L&B's titles are just about cleaver as mine..haha) away or not. 
*I had to make room for all my new polishes...addicted much?*

I did NOT give it away, so I compared and this is what I found...

Julep's Anne-Love & Beauty's Purple

Love & Beauty is $2.80 for .47fl oz
Julep's is $14 for .27fl oz

My tags showed up, if you don't have super vision, it reads:
Juleps, L&B's, Juleps, L&B's, Juleps.

Both polishes needed two coats to be opaque and streak free.
They are both creamy, but Julep's seemed to dry a little more matte.
With topcoat, they look identical. 

L&B is on the pointer and ring finger.

Julep is on the pinky, middle, and thumb.

With topcoat

With topcoat, Julep is on the pinky, middle, and thumb.

Julep's brush.

L&B's brush.

The brushes are about the same, other than Julep's handle is longer. 

I can't really tell you how the wear compares, I use my hands alot and my nail polishes tend to chip the very next day regardless of what brand and topcoat I use. 

I say if you like this color and want to try it out, go for the Love & Beauty. It's way cheaper and you get more product. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

NYC-New York Color-Review

It's that time again....Review time!

*I recieved this NYC-Liquid Lipshine to review from Influenster. All opionions are my own and not influenced in any way. Go check out Influenster to see how you can recive products to review.*

NYC-Liquid Lipshine in Nude York City
I was pretty excited when I got this in my Voxbox, because I am a lipgloss junkie.
This is a nice nude shade, hence the name. It has pure pigments in it for a 3D gloss effect.
It also has Vitamin E in it so it moisturizes your lips.

The applicator was longer than any gloss I've ever used and it was really skinny. I just put it on my lips, pressed them together and swiped it on, otherwise it was a little awkward for my liking.

Swatched, it looks like a nice camel color.
On the lips, it sheers out and you get a hint of color with a shimmery effect. You can layer it with other glosses, or on top of lipstick, or wear it alone for a nice glossy look.
When I first tried it on I noticed it has a nice scent to it, I want to say caramel, but it might be vanilla.
To me, it smells like MAC's Studio Sculpt foundation, but MAC uses a vanilla scent, but to me it smells like caramel. LOL. So, use that as a reference.

I really, really, really, like the texture of this gloss. I found it to be very moisturizing and not sticky at all. It's more of a creamy gloss.
I actually found myself reaching for this when my lips felt dry and it lasted a couple of hours.

The best part about this gloss is that it's easily accesable and only costs about $2.49!
You can find it at stores like Target, Walmart, CVS, Rite-Aid, and Kmart.
It also comes in 10 different shades, if nude isn't your style, or you want color.

NYC also has products like nail polish, eyeshadow, and mascara.
You can check that out at their website if you're interested.

I give this an A.
The only con I can think of is the applicator, but it worked just fine.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January Julep Maven box-American Beauty

Hello beauties!

I just got my January Julep box in the mail this morning. Yay!
Time for some pictures and swatches. 

I've noticed over the past couple months the packaging has had a little make-over. I like how it's main focus is in the actual box now. It's nice, I like it. 

This month's bag was clear with a silver/grey ribbon.
And that bubble wrapped item was my bonus item. *I have a post on it, a few post's back*

I got this Pomegranate Body Scrub. I got a Pomegranate body lotion last month, so now I have a set. 
This is $18 on their website. 
This body scrub obviously exfoliates, but it's also moisturizing. 

When I opened it, before I read the card, I noticed it looked really creamy and looked moisturizing. 
It smells nice, not too overpowering.
I can't wait to try it.

Maria-Shimmering platinum rose
Anne-Ultra-saturated tropical violet creme

My Bonus item
Gayle-a regal deep aubergine
*This was in the Oct-Boho Glam box*

My box included:

-Three nail polishes 
-A body scrub
-two polish removing wipes

My box total comes to $65.70


One Coat
Maria, Anne, and Gayle

Maria is a really nice metallic, foil finish. I only needed one coat to be opaque and it left no streaking.
Anne, is a creme, but it was really watery and one coat didn't do.
Gayle was nice and creamy and only needed one coat to be opaque.

Two coats
Maria, Anne, and Gayle

Anne definitely needed a second coat, this did a world of difference. 
The other two could have went without a second coat. 

Both swatches have no top coat on with flash.

I really, really, really liked this month's box. I actually liked all the choices Julep had for January. 
Are you a Julep Maven? What did you get this month? 
If you want to join and would like to join under me, I have a link on my main page to the right. :0)