Monday, January 14, 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips-Cherry Me swatch & review.

So, I'm really late on the Baby Lips bandwagon...
 I said I was not going to buy more lip balm products until I used up the tons of balms I already had. three year old is obsessed with all things make-up and raided my balm stash so I had an excuse to try out Maybelline's baby lips!

I picked up Cherry Me for about $3 at my local Target.

The first thing I noticed was how delicious this balm smelled. 
It smells like fruity candy and I have to stop myself from eating it, fortunately for me, it does not taste like anything at all.

Cherry Me gives a nice flush of color. 

It felt very smooth and creamy on my lips. It was very moisturizing as well.

My Overall Thoughts:

What are you waiting for? If you've been eyeing these balms go pick up a couple! 
They are totally worth it.
They have a variety of shades, and even a clear balm if color isn't your thing.
They are moisturizing and smell great and are afordable. You can't go wrong. 
I'm sold. I love them.


  1. My ladybug also likes them she loves the mint one.

  2. you had me at CHERRY! i love that flavor! gotta try this.