Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap year!

Hey, Everyone!

I have some deals to share today.

Sephora has free shipping on all orders over $29 today.
Use code: LEAPYEAR

Zoya also has free shipping today.
Use code: SHIPME

Use code : CHENMAN for free shipping at MAC.
Expires March 4th.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Julep Valentine's Mystery Box

Hey Everyone!

I meant to post this a while back. I thought I had the pictures on my camera, but they were on my other computer...

Every once in a while Julep Nail Parlor will sell Mystery boxes for $19.99 and have a value of $60-$300.
I missed out on the Holiday boxes and regretted it. So, I jumped on the Valentine's Day one. 

I got lucky #7 aka: The big one. 

I was excited when I picked it up, it was really heavy. 

All my goodies!
7 polishes
cuticle oil
growth serum
pot of glitter
a chocolate
hand brightener
topcoat for hair
nail appliques
and a lip plumper!

Shania, January, Demi, and Helena

Gwyneth, Anne, Stella, and the lip plumper is in Arousal. 

Growth serum, cuticle oil, hand brightener, topcoat for hair.

Lip plumper in Arousal.


My box total was around $226.

I've been with the Julep Maven program since October and always tell myself I'm going to skip-a-month, but always end up getting my box. I absolutely LOVE Julep and their nail polishes. 
I got the topcoat for hair in my last box and I love it as well. It smells really good. A little bit goes a long way, otherwise you'll end up having a grease spot. Ugh! lol. But it is really nice when used correctly.
I've been using the growth serum and really like it as well. 
The lip plumper is very pretty, but I'm allergic to lip plumping lipglosses. :0(
They will definitely plump my lips with an allergic reaction. Ha!

I can't wait until Julep has more mystery boxes. <3

Did you get a mystery box? Are you a Julep maven? 
Want to see swatches?
Just let me know.


Monday, February 20, 2012

March Julep Maven boxes

Julep has announced that they'll be doing the Golden Mystery Box every month now. You'll automatically be entered to win as long as you don't skip the month. *Golden Boxes are all the options in one box* 

I also have a code to try out the Julep Maven program for a penny.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My February Birchbox

Hey, Everyone!

I got my February Birchbox about two days ago and I almost  didn't cheat. Birchbox had the preview box links on lockdown this month. They didn't ship out my box until the very last day they had to ship them and they post what your box is the very next I cheated. *gasp*
I see it this way though, I want to be prepared if I get a not-so-good box...makes sense, right?

Anyway, I got Box #1

Not the box I had hoped for, but I actually like my box, so I'm glad.

It had silver paper instead of the usual mauve-ish color.

The smaller package was wrapped in gold instead of pink.

BLK DNM perfume 11. 
I don't have my card near me, but I think this was $110 for a full size.
*I hate getting perfume samples-generally, because I can get them for free elsewhere...*
I can't tell you what this smells like because I can't smell right now. :0( 

Eye Rock-Stick on Eyeliner-
A full pack is two packs of four. $13
*We got a half size*
I don't know, but they look kinda tacky...I guess I'll see when Halloween rolls around. lol.
They just look like they'd get in the way of blinking and they look like stickers....I don't know...I just don't know. 

One of my extras was a heart shaped nail file.
The other extra was a free digital download.

Exude Lipstick in Nude- full size is $29
This is what made me LOVE my box.
This is a full size! Yay. 
And not to mention, my first lipstick. *Not in my whole*
Yeah, how do I not own a lipstick? I'm more of a gloss girl, but I wanted a lipstick.
That makes me sound about 12. I'm 25, I swear. 

 It has alot of sparkles in it.
It's a pretty nude shade.
The packaging is a matte white, and it gets dirty! When I picked it up I thought it was really old and dirty looking, but it was the gold paper that rubbed off all over the cap. Ugh. 
It's like NARS, but white. Oh, goodness. 

LA Fresh-nail polish remover-
We got two samples.
A box of 18 is $9.99

Overall, I love my box. I wanted to try the beauty blender and the Violent Lips lip tattoos, but I can get those things for pretty cheap at Sephora right now, so I'm glad I got this box.
I love the Exude lipstick. 
I can always use nail polish remover, and who knows, maybe I'll love the eyeliner stickers. lol. 

Do you get Birchbox? Did you love your box? Tried any of these brands? Let me know your thoughts.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Long time, no post. I know, I know.
I've been super busy or sick. 
I'm pretty sick at the moment, but I thought I should update and let y'all know I'm still alive. haha.

I got my birchbox and my Julep mystery box yesterday and I already have the pictures, I just need to upload and post. 

I also just got an email from Julep with a free nail polish code.

Enter LOVE at checkout. 
*Offer is only valid with a $14 minimum purchase. (Basically it's buy one get one free)

I hope everyone has an awesome Valentine's Day! 


Thursday, February 2, 2012

February Julep Maven box-Classic with a twist-swatches

Hey, Everybody!
I got my February Julep Maven box in the mail today. No golden box here. *insert sad face*
BUT, they have Valentine's Day Mystery boxes available! :0) 
I passed up the Holiday mystery boxes and regretted it, so I jumped on this, I love Valentine's Day. *My lovely hubby actually purchased the Vday box, gotta give him credit.* 

I love how their packaging has evolved from a black paper bag to an actual box looks so nice now.
It had red and gold packaging. 

I should mention that I did a shelf pull from American Beauty to Classic with a twist.
I had ZERO grey polishes, so I gave it a try.
We got a piece of chocolate in the shape of an Oscar. Yum. Who doesn't love chocolate?
Oh, and I got a Topcoat for hair.
It's supposed to protect from heat and give your hair a nice shine....we will see.
(It's 2.5 fl oz, btw)

Meryl- The perfect neutral, sophisticated grey creme.
Oscar- Ultra chic, mulit-dimensional gold glitter.

Meryl-two coats/no topcoat.
Oscar-one coat on top of Meryl.

*Same as above.*

Close up of Oscar.

Okay, now my review.

I was pretty excited to try out a grey polish since I had zero in my collection. I really love creme polishes, and Meryl is supposed to be a creme. I say supposed because while it is a creme finish, it wasn't actually creamy as the other "creme" polishes I've tried. It's actually really watery when you apply it and it was almost completely opaque with two coats, although, I did still have some bald patches. Three coats might have done the trick.
The color is pretty, not impressed with the consistency.

Oscar on the other hand was nice all around. I like the thicker consistency and there is enough glitter to coat your nail if you wanted to wear it alone. It makes a great accent nail.
If reminds me of Essie's Golden Nuggets, but with more and larger glitter.

Now for the Mystery Box info...

Use code VALENTINE to get your box for $19.99

each box will be worth $60-$200

I've seen pictures of the Holiday Mystery boxes and some girls got TEN polishes! 
*Keeping my fingers crossed* 
I think you're at least going to get two or three polishes, so it's win-win. Plus, all the extra goodies they send.
Boxes ship the 7th just in time for a Valentine's Day delivery and they only have 1000 boxes.

Are you planning on getting a mystery box? Did you get one last time?