Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Julep Valentine's Mystery Box

Hey Everyone!

I meant to post this a while back. I thought I had the pictures on my camera, but they were on my other computer...

Every once in a while Julep Nail Parlor will sell Mystery boxes for $19.99 and have a value of $60-$300.
I missed out on the Holiday boxes and regretted it. So, I jumped on the Valentine's Day one. 

I got lucky #7 aka: The big one. 

I was excited when I picked it up, it was really heavy. 

All my goodies!
7 polishes
cuticle oil
growth serum
pot of glitter
a chocolate
hand brightener
topcoat for hair
nail appliques
and a lip plumper!

Shania, January, Demi, and Helena

Gwyneth, Anne, Stella, and the lip plumper is in Arousal. 

Growth serum, cuticle oil, hand brightener, topcoat for hair.

Lip plumper in Arousal.


My box total was around $226.

I've been with the Julep Maven program since October and always tell myself I'm going to skip-a-month, but always end up getting my box. I absolutely LOVE Julep and their nail polishes. 
I got the topcoat for hair in my last box and I love it as well. It smells really good. A little bit goes a long way, otherwise you'll end up having a grease spot. Ugh! lol. But it is really nice when used correctly.
I've been using the growth serum and really like it as well. 
The lip plumper is very pretty, but I'm allergic to lip plumping lipglosses. :0(
They will definitely plump my lips with an allergic reaction. Ha!

I can't wait until Julep has more mystery boxes. <3

Did you get a mystery box? Are you a Julep maven? 
Want to see swatches?
Just let me know.



  1. Wow all the colors look very pretty =)

  2. WOW!!! That was an amazing deal. I love the products and colors you received.

  3. Thank you!! We're so excited.

    I was really close to getting a Mystery Box, but decided against it at the last minute. Darn it! I should've gotten one. You got some beautiful colors! I'm liking the Gwyneth you got. Is it kinda translucent?