Sunday, April 22, 2012

Julep Eva Swatch

Hey, Everyone!

Today I have a swatch for Julep's Eva.

Eva is described as "Juicy raspberry creme. The right balance of sophisticated and whimsy."

I think Eva is a nice alternative to a stark red polish. 

Eva has a pinkish tone to it depending on what light you're in.
My pictures are making it seem kind of tomato red, but it's more of a true raspberry pinkish-red. 

Since this is a creme finish, you could get away with just one coat.
It also has a nice shine without a topcoat.

I really like this shade. I think it's one of my favorites. :)
Julep nail polishes are $14 
and are now sold at Sephora stores or you can just purchase them straight from Julep's website.

What do you think? Do you like Julep nail polish? What brands and colors do you recommend?


  1. This is a very pretty red.

  2. I agree I loved it when I wore it. The only thing was my mani chipped in a day and half. How did it hold up for you?

    1. My polishes never hold up very well. :( I got about the same as you did. I'm constantly using my hands and submerging them in water though...even with Seche Vite, they never hold. Sigh. lol.

  3. no you have the nicest taste in nailpolish coloring!!