Monday, April 9, 2012

Julep swatches- Alicia & Portia

Hey, Everyone.

I'm finally able to upload pictures to my new computer. Yay.
I have a ton of posts to catch up on.

Today I have swatches for Julep's Alicia and Portia.

Alicia- "A sunny salmon, perfect for beach pedicures and fresh, modern manicures."
-Finish: Creme

Portia- "Sheer tropical blue with glittery sparkles that will remind you of a day on the beach."
-Finish: Sparkle topcoat

I love Alicia! I was immediately drawn to this salmony pink color. It reminds me of summer. 
I will say, this was the thickest polish I've ever received from Julep. Creme finishes are typically thick, but this was really thick. It was pretty much opaque with one coat and really shiny without a topcoat. 

Portia is a tropical blue sparkle topcoat. You can use this topcoat on any base color since the blue is very sheer. 
I used this as an accent nail and you can't really see the details, but it's really gorgeous in person. 

One coat. No topcoat.

*If you're a Julep Maven you can get these for 20% off at the Maven Boutique.*

*Link is not an affiliate link-it's there only for your convenience*


  1. Both of those are so pretty, but the Portia color is gorgeous! Mine were not nearly as nice this month!

  2. lkjhgsdjkfgs I love love love those colours!
    Buying them as soon as I get some money, haha.
    Love your blog, it's fab <3
    xo Georgie

  3. these are literally my two fav colors right now!