Thursday, November 15, 2012

How to get high end beauty products on a budget

How much money do you think I spent on these items?

Here, I'll even give you the retail prices.

Dior Shimmer Star in Rose Diamond- $44
Dior Shimmer Star in Amber Diamond- $44
Urban Decay Naked 2 palette-$50
Dior Addict Lipstick in Urban-$30

Color Club-Put a pin in it- $8
Dr. Jart+ BB cream- $34
Zoya nail polish-Tru-$8
Zoya nail polish-Kristen-$8
Benefit They're Real! mascara-$23

It all adds up to $249 without tax and shipping.

Now, back to my question. 
How much did I actually pay for these items?

Any guesses?

$50 for ALL of it. 
That means I paid a little over $5 for each product.
PLUS, I got cash back.

The opportunities are out there. You just have to look for them.

Tip #1: Use services that compensate you for your time
Example: Viggle. Influenster. Swagbucks. Bzzagent

*Viggle is an app you download to your smart phone and you check in what you're watching on tv. That's IT.
You collect points for the shows you watch and redeem them for gift cards.
It's 100% legit. I've redeemed over $100 of Sephora Gift Cards.

*Influenster is a word of mouth program. You join and give honest feedback and take surveys on products and if you're lucky, they'll send you boxes of products to test out.

*Swagbucks gives you points to redeem for searching and shopping online. You can also watch videos and do surveys. 
You can redeem your points for gift cards or even items.

*Bzzagent is a word of mouth program that allows you to test out products for reviews and sharing your thoughts with people in your life. 

Tip #2: Once you get gift cards or discounts, search for sales!

With Viggle I redeem my points for Sephora.
*Viggle has tons of gift cards to choose from such as Barnes & Noble, Target, Amazon, etc.*
Sephora has anual sales saving you 20% off your order.
See where I'm going?
Stack, stack, stack your savings!

You can use 3 gift cards on a Sephora online order.

Tip #3 Check out the Clearance section
You never know what you'll find at a deep discount.
Some stores even have sales on their clearance!

Tip#4 Shop through a site like Ebates that gives you cash back!
If you're going to shop online, why wouldn't you want cash back?
Sometimes you can get up to 8% cash back at Sephora.
This site is 100% legit. I've gotten many checks in the mail.

Tip#5 Consider a beauty sampling program
 Birchbox has a system where you give feedback for points and points=dollars at their store.

The monthly subscription is only $10 and sometimes they'll even send you a full size item. 

And there you have it.
It is possible to get what you want for the price you want.
It just involves a little bit of work.

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  1. I have GOT to download that Viggle app!!! You are amazing! Those products are VERY expensive. Good for you for working it.

    1. I LOVE the Viggle app. Get free stuff for watching tv, it can't get easier than that. ;0)