Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November Julep bombshell box 2012

Hello, Hello.

I am all over the place today. I was thinking this was my October box, but I guess it's the November box? 
I am frazzled, I think. 
Halloween, Elections, moving soon, etc, etc.
So, anyways, here is my box. :)

The theme for this month's box was suedes. Some of the boxes also had a matte topcoat included. 
I'm not a matte or suede lover so I figured I would end up skipping my box again, but alas! The bombshell box had two non-suede polishes and a delicious body whip.

 Initially I wasn't too thrilled about the body whip because I've gotten body cream from Julep before and it wasn't my favorite, just from the scent alone. *It was pomegranate* This body whip is grapefruit, which I didn't think I would enjoy either.

I'm eating my words. It smells delicious and I want to eat it.
It's very moisturizing and creamy.
I've used it quite a few times now and I must say it's pretty darn good.
It's making my dry, brittle, nails much healthier looking.
It does leave your hands slightly greasy feeling, but it sinks in pretty quickly.

Okay, enough raving about that....

On to the polishes!

Trina- A Deep Aubergine Shimmer.

Donna- A Smokey Blue Peacock Creme.

I could not resist these gorgeous colors.

Want to try out the Julep Maven program for a penny? 
Use the code: COLOR2012 
It's a $19.99 monthly subscription from then on out, but you can cancel anytime or even skip months. 

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