Monday, February 11, 2013

Maybelline Color Whisper-Lust for Blush swatch

Hello, Hello.

My Target finally got in a new display of the Color Whispers that were unmolested. FINALLY!

I have Pink Possibilities reviewed and swatched here.

As soon as Target restocked I knew I had to get my hands on Lust for Blush.

I love the translucent color coordinated packaging. I love the font they chose and how slim it is. 
The last thing I need is added bulk in my already heavy, overflowing purse. 

Lust for Blush on NC20 skin

This is a beautiful nude-dusty-pink color

Maybelline states that these color whispers have no heavy waxes and are made in a gel base for high pigmentation. 

They can go on sheer or be built up ( My swatches are built up so you can see the true color).

You can find these at your local drug stores or super markets for about $7 give or take a dollar. 

I love these Color Whispers and recommend you at least check one out. They have 20 different shades to choose from. 

Have you picked up any of the Color Whispers yet? What colors do you love?


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