Thursday, June 6, 2013

L'Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Wet Shine Stain-Lilac Ever After swatch

185 Lilac Ever After 
Swatch and Review

Lilac Ever After is described as a purple lip stain with a glossy shine. 
Purple? Meh, I'd say it's a muted mauve-y shade. It definitely does not swatch or show up as a purple on the lips.

When first applying this lip stain I noticed it feels very wet, not sticky like most lip glosses.
The initial wet feeling goes away within minutes and it dries down to a smooth balmy texture.
Once dried down, I applied a second coat to build up the stain.

I feel like the glossiness goes away even after a second coat and I feel the need to add a gloss on top for shine.

Lilac Ever After applied twice to build up color.
No extra lip gloss added.
Note, this does have very fine golden reflects in it. 

Here is a couple swipes of Lilac Ever After swatched on NC20 skin.

The stain after the swatch was wiped away after a few minutes.
Although, not a very prominent stain, it does leave a nice visible flush of color behind.

I would recommend Lilac Ever After to someone who wants to try out lip stains for the first time as you really can not go wrong with application since this is a very light stain. 
Darker colored stains may leave uneven, blotchy, stains behind if you're not careful with your application.

L'Oreal has 12 colors to choose from in their lip stain line incase you want to try one in a different shade. 

Overall Thoughts:

I really do like this lip stain. I like the light flush of color it leaves behind. Once the gloss has worn off I don't have to worry if the stain is blotchy. 
I don't really like that I feel the need to add a gloss over top if I want more shine, but that's not a make or break for me.
These are said to be comparable to the YSL lip stains, but at a much affordable price.  
They have Omega 3, Vitamin E, and Argon oil in them and they do feel hydrating when first applied.
They didn't dry out my lips, although I do use lip moisturizing products frequently. 

Would I try out different shades from this line? 
Yes, I would. 

Have you tried out L'Oreals stains? What shades have you tried and what are your thoughts on them? Let me know.

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