Friday, August 19, 2011

Product reviews for the Birch Box and Eco Emi

I thought I should do some product reviews today since I've used most of the products from my BB and EE boxes.

The June Jacobs papaya enzyme mask smells sooooo good! The scent alone pretty much sold me, I love it. The product goes on smoothly and makes your face feel so moist and soft. I left it on for about 10 minutes and rinsed it off. It left my face feeling nice and soft. I would repurchase this. I still have alot of product left as a little goes a long way.

I loved the elastic hair tie, but unfortunatly, I already lost it!! Ugh! The only issue I had with this is you could only tie it around your hair twice, it worked wonders on a low pony but not a high one, as I need to tie it around three times to secure it up high. I might repurchase these. Oh, and they leave no creases in your hair! Major plus.

I did try the Cool Fix razor bump gel. I don't suffer from ingrown hairs or razor bumps, but I tried it out anyway. It makes your skin have this cool senstion, hence the name. It felt pretty nice and smells good too. My husband likes this product alot.

The Ouidad hair gel had a nice, not too sticky consistancy. It smelled pretty good and didn't leave my hair, or hands for that matter, sticky.
I have wavy, frizzy, out of control hair when I don't straighten it and this seemed to help control and define the curls I do have...I also straightend my hair and it seems to help the frizziness. It made my hair feel really silky and smooth. I might repurchase this, but I'm always trying out new anti-frizz products and can't commit! lol.

The Smash Box Photo Primer felt really smooth and non sticky and had a nice scent. It glides on smooth and feels silky to the touch. A little bit goes a very long way. I really liked this product, it helped smooth out my face and helped my foundation glide on smooth and lasted all day. I would repurchase this, but I'd like to try out other primers as well.

Now, with the EE box.

I already stated in my EE haul that most of the products smelled like pine trees and I pretty much hated it.
I tried burning the candle and I found out the scent is supposed to be Lavander and Vanilla. It sounds pretty, but I guess I'm just not into the floral scent, I'm more of a fruity person. I let it burn for a couple of hours and it's half way gone so you'd probably get a couple more hour burn use out of this tea candle. I can't say I would repurchase this as I have no clue about it! That is the Eco Emi bonus box downfall, they do not tell you about the products and this one didn't have a name or anything on the candle.

I tried out the rice facial cleanser today and I do like the scent on this. It had a lemon scent and smelled clean. It also has exfoliating grains in it and I liked that. My skin feels clean and doesn't feel tight at all. I liked this product.

I also tried out the truffle face cream and I found out it does have a slight scent once you start using it. I can't really put my finger on it, but I didn't hate it. It's not a strong scent at all. I used this around my eyes where crows feet would be...and no crows feet! Not that I can say it helps get rid of them, because I don't have them to start with, but maybe it'll help prevent them. It went on smooth and is non greasy. I don't think I would repurchase this, just because I use moisturizer everyday anyway and their are cheaper options, maybe when I get older?

The homemade soap, I have used this and I just can't tolerate the smell! It smells so manly, not a girly scent at all. I like it when my hubby uses it but not for me.

I tried the deoderant on my hubby, because, once a again, it smells soooo manly! Its orange and lavander and you would think that would smell girly but it doesn't. It emits a strong scent and works to cover up any body odor so it does it's job.

I didn't get to try out the noodles because my 2 year old ripped open the package and spilled it all over the floor! I didn't realize how much product you's alot! lol.

That's all the products I've tried from EE. I'm not really sold on the EE box, I think it is a nice concept being eco friendly but it's not for me. I wouldn't use most of the products just because of the scents alone.

I totally love the Birch Box and I'm looking forward to next months box.

Any thoughts? Comments? Want me to do more reviews? hauls? You name it.


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