Saturday, December 10, 2011

Influenster's Holiday Voxbox-overview.

My Holiday voxbox came in the mail today! Yay! 

All the goodies that came in the Holiday Voxbox.

The helpful little card with so much knowledge...

Some influenster's got a bonus, based on the badges you've unlocked.

First up,
imPRESS-press on manicure by Broadway nails.
Working Girl
Price range $5-$8
Celebrity Endorser-Nicole Scherzinger
This should be interesting, as I hate wearing fake nails...we will see, we will see. lol.
They are very pretty though, I got a crackle with silver glitter...

Montagne Jeunesse
Passion Peel Off-Pulped Pomegranate
Is Pomegranate the new trend? 
You can get these at Target/Walmart for about $1

Cherry Pie
Gluten Free*Dairy Free*Soy Free*Vegan*Kosher
16 count for $25.45 or 12 mini count for $14.95

Mentos-Pure Fresh-chewing gum
15 count about $1.50 

NYC- Liquid Lipshine
Nude York City
about $2.50 for 7.2ml

Coconut scrub bar soap
I'm seeing a trend...coconut and pomegranate are the "it" scent. lol. 
4 count for about $3.50

And, for the BONUS!
Garden Botanika 
Lash Primer
$14 for .26oz
I'm excited to try this, I have no lashes at all, it's really sad. :0P

Well, I'm excited to start trying these products out and I'll be reviewing them shortly. 
Go check out Influenster if you're interested to see how you can start receiving and reviewing products.
It's easy and FREE!

Have you tried any of these products? Love 'em? Hate 'em? 


  1. neat stuff, let us know how you like them ;-)

  2. Oooh! I'm still waiting on my Holiday VoxBox. I was hoping it would get here today, but nope! I'm curious about the lash primer! Hope I get it, too. :)

  3. Nice, let us know how u like everything.

  4. I was also going to let you know that Living Social has a deal on Julep right now. $20 for $42 worth! It's here:

  5. @Natasha- Thanks for the heads up! :0)

  6. I hope my Holiday VoxBox comes today. It will be my first one! HAHAHA Everything looks great! We can probably compare notes. :D