Tuesday, December 20, 2011

January Julep Maven options

I have the Julep Maven options for January, and they look soooo good. 
Every month I keep telling myself it's okay to skip a month so I can save some extra money since I don't need tons of nail polish, BUT, every month Julep keeps having awesome colors that I don't have in my collection. And, if my profile doesn't have something I love, one of the other profiles do and I switch. hehe.
I love that Julep gives you so much flexibility. 

Okay, here we go.

This is my beauty profile. 

I LOVE all the options for January! I want them all. 

And, if you log in to your profile you can click Upgrade My Box and get a complimentary upgrade. You have three options to choose from, and once again, they all are great.
*for the first 5,000 mavens*

*Julep Maven is a program for $19.99 a month. You take a quiz and get a beauty profile and Julep will send you your colors and options. You can switch your box to ANY box you like or you can skip a month and not be billed. So many options and so flexible. I highly recommend trying out the Julep Maven program if you love nail polish*

What is your beauty profile? What colors do you love?



  1. i love all colors really , but I'm attracted to brights and pastels

  2. They always have so many beautiful color options! I would want them all. LOL :D