Thursday, January 12, 2012

Look what I got in the mail today...

My FREE Zoya!

Did you guys take advantage of the Free Zoya polish code? 

I literally spent at least a solid hour trying to figure out what polishes I wanted, and these are what I chose:

Jem and Happi

I can't stay away from Pink and Purple polishes....heh...heh...
Red is also one I can't stay away from and I almost got one of

My daughter wanted me to test out Happi on her, so I did.

Two coats of Happi, without top coat.

I'm going to do swatches of my own once I try them out.

What colors did you get? 
Do you have a favorite polish color that you just can't stay away from? 



  1. Ooooh Pretty! I love the two colors you chose. I found out about it from you. They had so many options it was hard to choose. I ended up with two pinks! When I get them, I will blog about it and let you know. Enjoy yours! >.<

  2. I haven't got mine yet! :( But I got Jana and Raven. Can't wait!

  3. OMG again your daughters nails are too cute I'm still waiting on my ZOYA ;-(

  4. How'd you get it? Love the colors x


  5. Both colors are very.How cute you do your princess nail I do that to mine too =)

  6. I've been tempted to order Jem a few times :)