Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January Julep Maven box-American Beauty

Hello beauties!

I just got my January Julep box in the mail this morning. Yay!
Time for some pictures and swatches. 

I've noticed over the past couple months the packaging has had a little make-over. I like how it's main focus is in the actual box now. It's nice, I like it. 

This month's bag was clear with a silver/grey ribbon.
And that bubble wrapped item was my bonus item. *I have a post on it, a few post's back*

I got this Pomegranate Body Scrub. I got a Pomegranate body lotion last month, so now I have a set. 
This is $18 on their website. 
This body scrub obviously exfoliates, but it's also moisturizing. 

When I opened it, before I read the card, I noticed it looked really creamy and looked moisturizing. 
It smells nice, not too overpowering.
I can't wait to try it.

Maria-Shimmering platinum rose
Anne-Ultra-saturated tropical violet creme

My Bonus item
Gayle-a regal deep aubergine
*This was in the Oct-Boho Glam box*

My box included:

-Three nail polishes 
-A body scrub
-two polish removing wipes

My box total comes to $65.70


One Coat
Maria, Anne, and Gayle

Maria is a really nice metallic, foil finish. I only needed one coat to be opaque and it left no streaking.
Anne, is a creme, but it was really watery and one coat didn't do.
Gayle was nice and creamy and only needed one coat to be opaque.

Two coats
Maria, Anne, and Gayle

Anne definitely needed a second coat, this did a world of difference. 
The other two could have went without a second coat. 

Both swatches have no top coat on with flash.

I really, really, really liked this month's box. I actually liked all the choices Julep had for January. 
Are you a Julep Maven? What did you get this month? 
If you want to join and would like to join under me, I have a link on my main page to the right. :0)


  1. Nice! I got mine yesterday and the bonus was a clear nail repair :( I never really leave my nails empty so that was disappointing!

  2. @habbott2-Awh, Did you see the option where you got to pick your bonus item? I picked mine, maybe you missed it or they just ran out?
    I was going to pick the nail repair, you just use it as a base coat and it helps your nails with cracking.

  3. I totally didn't see that! I guess I should pay attention to the emails!

  4. lovely polishes, I'm really interested in the pomegranate body scrub, please do a review

  5. Those colours are beautiful!

  6. I am loving what was inside THIS box! The nail colors are fab and I love a great scrub! :D Enjoy!