Thursday, August 30, 2012

Zoya Haul! Swatches included

Zoya had a BOGO promotion going on a few days ago for those who had an account so I had to take advantage and do a little haul. 
I skipped my Julep box so I figured i'd go ahead and go for the max and get four polishes and four free, which also included spoons of the Gloss collection and swatches of the Designer & Diva collection  AND I got a 2oz bottle of remove+ and a 6oz shower gel.
Totally worth it. ;)

The Gloss Collection
Frida, Paloma, and Katherine.
These are jelly based polishes.
I actually picked up Frida in my haul.

 Designer & Diva Collection
Elisa, Suri, Song, Ray, FeiFei, Daul
I love this collection.
I can foresee a future haul...

Noot, Evvie, Natty, Monica, Toni, Rekha
These aren't translating as well on camera, they are beautiful in person.
I actually picked up Toni this time around.

 My Haul
Ki, Frida, Charla, Breezi, Wednesday, Toni, Kali, and Chloe.
I plan on swatching these soon.

 My Freebies
If you spend X amount of money you'll get some freebies.
I think one is if you spend $30 and one is with $50.
I only spent $32 and got both since my total was supposed to be over $50. *If you hit both price points, you get all the freebies. I actually think there is three price points you can hit. The third is with $100*

My cute little 2oz bottle of remove+

Ki, Frida, Charla

Breezi, Wednesday, Toni

Kali, Chloe

What are your favorite Zoya polishes?
Don't have an account?
Don't miss out! They have tons of promos so you'll want one.
You can score a free bottle of polish if you go through My Link and sign up and it helps me with points.

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