Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My September 2012 Birchbox

Hey, Everyone!
I haven't been posting what's in my birchbox for a few months now, simply because by the time I get my box everyone else has already gotten their box. 
I used to get them early and now I'm one of the last to get my box. Ugh! lol. 
I was pretty excited by this box so I just had to share my thoughts.

First of all, I got this nice leather keychain as a thank you for being a member for so long and giving feedback.
It made my day, it was a really nice surprise. :) Thanks BB!

The paper this month was a really pretty teal. 
I'm a sucker for packaging and I like when they change the paper up. 

My goods

This month included a little Fashion flip-book with tips for Fall.

BVLGARI-Mon Jasmon Noir

Color Club- Put a Pin in it

This is my THIRD twist tie.
BUT, I really love these ties so I don't mind. ;)
And I think these ones are cute. 

Well, I forgot to take individual pics of the brush guards, Wei on the go, and the Vasanti enzyme cleanser. Oops, but here is a collective pic.

Overall, I really liked this box.

I thought I would hate the brush guards, but they are really nice quality and I am about to move so I'll need them and I wouldn't have wanted to buy them myself. The Wei on the go is two sample cleansers and some kind of face foundation? I don't know, but they did give me the correct color this time so I can't complain. 
Love the polish, could live without the perfume sample, but I actually like the scent. The Vasanti is a nice travel size sample that I'm excited to try. I love enzyme mask/cleansers. 

What did you get in your box? Interested in becoming a member and want to help me out? Check out my link on my home page. <3

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  1. i can tell you like the box! great contents and i'm also a sucker for gorgeous packaging. love the teal paper and that key chain is very nice! leather!!!