Friday, October 14, 2011

Bath & Body Works-A budget friendly haul.

When I first thought about doing this blog I was going to mention that someone needs to revoke my Bath & Body Works privileges because I shop there way too much, but then I remembered how great of a deal I got and scrapped that idea. 
I have a shopping addiction, I also have a budget that I stick to each month so I've learned how to get what I want for the price that I want.
Here we go.

My box of goodies. 

I got this 4oz Peach Bellini candle that smells divine for $3.80 it's originally $10.

I've been wanting one of these candle sleeves for a while and to me $5 was just too much, but $2 was perfect.

I have a soft spot for black cats, so much that we have one, his name is Nermal.
So I had to pick this up, he is normally $5.50 and I got him for $2.20.

I got two of these mini candles that are normally $3.50 each, sometimes they'll have deals like 3 for $5. I got these for $1.40 each. 

These 8oz body scrubs are supposed to be $14each and I got them for $2.80 each! 

I got these two pocket bacs for $.60 each. *Note: BBW is having an awesome deal on Halloween pocket bacs right now for as low as $.38!*

I also picked up these for $1.40 each and they were originally $7 each.

BBW always sells their new preview scent for a $1, if you like the scent, it is wise to pick up a few of these because the price per once is cheaper than picking up a large size. I got this for $.80.

My order total should have been $90 minus tax and shipping.
My total that I actually paid was $30, shipped, plus cash back for ordering through

To get what you want for the price that you want, you have stalk your prey....wait for sales, combine sales with coupons and shop through a site like Ebates that gives you cash back.
Instead of getting items when they first come out, wait. They will go on sale and for items like the Halloween collection, they are on sale and clearance right now and Halloween hasn't even passed yet. You can always find coupons on 


What was the best deal you've gotten? Do you have any budget friendly tips? Let me know in the comments. 
Anything you'd like me to blog about?


  1. i LOVE bath and body works, i shop there so much don't think ill need any lotion or body spray for a long long time..... thats also where i buy my favorite candles!

  2. Yupppp gotta loveeee bath and body works <3 They really have amazing products.. Especially the candles!! My favorite one is the bamboo <3

    It's good when you can't always afford Yankee Candles :)

  3. Love this!! I do a spree in BBW everytime I visit america and I can't wait to go back!!

    amazing products!!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  4. I love bath & body too! You can't just buy one thing in there. HAHAHA And good for you with Ebates! I love them and MyPoints! If you're gonna shop online, you might as well get a little something back. Great buys girl! :D

  5. Wow I wish we had this is aus. Your blog is beautiful!

    I'd love you to check out my blog. Follow for follow?

    Soph xox

  6. I also have a B&BW obsession. I love their candles and when they are on sale I can't turn them down. I also love when the have the bags stuffed with products for a low price!!

  7. Man you got a deal!!! I need to set a budget for spending each month! You should do a post on your thriftiness when shopping!!