Sunday, October 30, 2011

Candles by Victoria

Who doesn't love a good candle?

With scents like: Pink Cupcake, Georgia Peach, and Coco Mango, my mouth is watering! 

I stumbled upon Candles by Victoria through watching youtube videos and I thought this is something I need to looking into. 
I absolutely love candles! 

I've been enjoying my candles from Slatkin & Co from Bath and Body Works and they have an assortment, but nothing compared to Candles by Victoria.
With over 700 scents to choose from, how do you choose?
I have no idea. I want to buy and try them all. haha. 

CBV candles come in a 9oz jar for $8.50 or a 16oz jar for $12.50. They also have a surprise 8oz candle for $7.25 for those who just can't decide what scent to try, or the 4oz mini for $5.

If candles are not enough, CBV also sells scent shots and tart warmers. 

They have Fruity scents, Bakery scents, Christmas scents, Perfume and Cologne scents...pretty much if you can think it, they got it.
I'm so glad I stumbled across CBV, I'm seeing some major hauls in the near future.

With a  100% guarantee to their costumers, I don't see how you could go wrong.

Have you tried CBV? What are some of your favorite scents? Give me some ideas, I don't even know were to start! Haha.

*CBV is having a 10% off sale right now with the code CBVICTORIA at checkout.*
*They are also having a blog contest to win a $50 gift certificate!* 
Go Check out their website.

*PS-I think they only offer shipping in the US and Canada* 



  1. these sound amazing but don't deliver to england! I will stock up when I go to the US next!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. This sounds delicious!! I love Victoria's Secret.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88