Monday, October 3, 2011

September Favorites

It's October already!? Where does the time go!? It feels like it should still be the beginning of the year to me...Ugh. Lol. 
Alright, I guess I should move on now. 
Here we go.

My first favorite for September is the book Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.
I've been eyeing this book for a while, since last year, but I didn't pick it up until now. It's a young adult novel, but I really like it. I've always been obsessed with Vampires and the supernatural. FYI-I was a vampire almost every year growing up, before Vampires were considered "cool." Lol. There is just something alluring about being immortal, to me. Haha. * Bahahahaha- I totally meant for Halloween, I'm not a vampire, although I wish I was. *

Next up is this Bath & Body Works candle in Frosted Cupcake.
I had to refrain from adding all my BBW collection from this post. I decided to only add the products that I've used as of yet, otherwise I might as well link the BBW site. ha. 

Apple Crumble-BBW candle.
I really really LOVE this scent. I normally don't like spicy scents too much and this does have a spicy scent, but it's just the right amount. I think of fall when I burn this and I love it! I love the tartness of the apples, it's just perfect for burning on those chilly fall mornings. 
I need to get a backup of this asap! 

My next favorite has to be my overall favorite.
This is the most gorgeous purse I've ever seen. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, but I do LOVE this purse.
It's a Jessica Simpson bag and I picked it up at TJ MAXX for $50! Awesome deal, and they still have it there if you're interested. It's perfect for the fall. 

EOS lip balm. 
I had this lip balm before and my two year old got a hold of it and ate most of it. Eeek! It does taste pretty good though, I must admit. 
I got this at walmart for about $3. I think it's in summer fruit. 

Another BBW item! 
Forbidden Apple.
YUM. It tastes soooo good. I am an apple kinda girl. It tastes like a candy apple from the fair or something and I love it. That alone has won me over, hands down. 
It goes on very smooth and is not sticky at all and lasts for days. It also has a sheer red tint to it. And it's from their Halloween collection and on sale right now for $5.

Next up is this Physicians Formula liquid eyeliner plus eyelash boosting serum.
I didn't think this was going to live up to its claim of seeing 100% results, but I must admit, I have seen some lash growth after using this for awhile and I am impressed. I love this stuff. 

I've heard rave reviews for this product and finally decided to give it a try.
I honestly can't say I see a major difference in the amount of puffiness under my eyes, but I do love that the little roller ball is made of metal and is super cool on my skin. I just want to keep rolling it over and over and over. 

I got this Clinique eyebrow crayon free when I purchased my moisturizer and it's in the shade blonde, and I'm a brunette, but my eyebrows are really light and most brown colors are too dark for me so this ended up being a perfect shade for me. It also has a highlight on the other end. 

Oh, look, BBW again. 
I got this cute little guy because I love owls and I needed something for my little candles.
He was $5.50, I think. 

Oh, BBW, and another owl! LOL.
And the scent I'm using is Apple Crumble, of course.  

I've been using my Viva La Juicy perfume pretty much the whole month of September.
It's fruity and I love fruit. Perfect. 

I've been using this Biore warming anti-blackhead cream cleanser and I love that it gets really warm when your rub it on your face. It doesn't stay warm long enough though. It smells pretty good. I got this at walmart for $5 or so..

I used MAC's well dressed blush the most in September.
I'm actually looking for new blushes so if y'all have any recommendations let me know in the comments.

Another lip product that I used in September was MAC's lipglass in Love child.

I wore MAC's All that Glitters alot in September. It's my go-to, don't know what to wear, shade. 

What were some of your favorites for September?


  1. those candles are my favorite! i love your september faves! thanks for stopping by my blog!

    xoxo ;-)

  2. i like the mac blush!!!

  3. i adoreee the EOS lip balms!! and the juicy couture perfume!
    Great selection of products!!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  4. I LOVE my Bath & Body works frosted cupcake candle. Did an entire post on their candle line. It is awesome!!! Great stuff girl! :D
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim