Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Sephora Friends & Family haul

My Sephora Friends & Family package arrived yesterday and it was like an early Christmas for me. 
It didn't come until the very last second, I kept checking my front door numerous times and even heard the UPS truck take off and checked and nothing! Ugh. But then I checked one last time and there it was in all it's glory. That UPS guy is

Here we go. 

I've been planning on purchasing a Clarisonic for a while, and was going to for sure pick one up at the end of this month and viola! F&F sale! Score. I originally wanted the Lavender one, but this Berry colored one had an awesome deal with it. It was $119 ( Like all Mia's) but came with a ton of free goodies. So, $119 for about $200 worth total with the extra freebies, with 20% off and 4% cash back through don't know about you, but that equals a pretty darn good deal in my book. 

All my goodies, minus my Mia, she was charging. lol 

This is what I got for free with my Berry Mia.
A full size Boscia face cleanser! Sweet. This is supposed to be about $26! It also came with a moisturizer, a pore refiner, and a few face peel kits. Pretty nice.

I also picked up some NARS. I wasn't planning on purchasing the NARS Danmari cheek palette, I was going to pick up a different gift set, but I saw some swatches and pictures and instantly changed my mind. Who could pass up six blushes/bronzer!? Especially when two full sized ones would equal the price of the sale of course, even better. So I had to have it. It is stunning. Even if you have a couple of the full size blushes in this palette, it's still a great deal. With the sale, it makes each pan less than $10 each. 
I also got two polishes, Bad Influence and Pokerface. I couldn't pass that deal up, $8 when they are originally $17? Had to have it. LOL 

A close up of my NARS Danmari palette.

And that was my small haul.
What did you get at the F&F sale? Are you planning on purchasing anything? The sale lasts until Nov. 2, and if you're buying online, don't forget a site like Ebates!



  1. wow you got great things! and what a great deal!
    my sephora package is suppose to arrive tomorrow ;-)

  2. Great haul! You got an awseome deal! I want that blush palette but I bought too many things already lol.

  3. Nice haul!! I've been seeing that Nars palette around and want it SOOO badly!!!

  4. YOU are gonna LOVE your clarisonic! I have an aqua blue one (love your berry colored one). I love it!!! It really gets your face super clean! Those NARS shades are fab!!! What a great haul! Have a wonderful weekend pretty lady! :D

  5. Great Haul, I have the baby pink Clarisonic, but the berry is so much cuter. Great freebies with your clarisonic makes me jealous!! :o)