Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Sephora haul *Picture heavy*

My Sephora package came. Yay! 

All my goodies.
Half of what I got was free. F-R-E-E, my favorite word. Ahhh. I love it. 

My free perfume samples in Gucci by Gucci Sport and Issey Miyake L'EAU D'ISSEY Florale.
The Gucci is 2ml and the other one is 1ml. 
If I'm going to get a perfume sample, I love getting them in the vials rather than the little towelette. ( I'm talking to you Taylor Swift! I got my Wonderstruck sample and it's a towelette and I have a sinus infection and can't really give a review and I opened it a little...hopefully it doesn't dry out before I get my senses back. ha)  I think in order to truly see if you like something you have to try it a few times. 
Both of these perfumes smell really good ( as much as I can tell), and I should say cologne because the Gucci one is for a man.
The other one is floral, and normally I don't really like floral scents too much, but this has a light floral scent and I can tolerate it. Floral scents normally give me a headache, so if you have that same problem, this perfume might be okay for you too if you're interested. 
I give them a thumbs up. 

I got a sample of this in my August Birchbox, the original kind, and I loved it.
I have combination to oily skin and found this light version, so I bought a travel sized one to try it out. 

I swatched it and the texture of the light feels like lotion. I'm curious to see how this will work compared to the original. The original feels like a smooth silicon and it wasn't heavy at all. 

All of my freebies. :-)

My Yves Saint Laurent mascara sample. (I posted the code for this a couple posts back)
I can NOT wait to try this. This mascara is supposed to give you the false eyelash look and believe me I need  all the help I can get for my poor little lashes. lol. 
This is a 3ml sample, not too bad, not too bad at all. It's a $15 value. 
I have a ton of mascaras to try before I can test this, look for those reviews in the near future.

I picked up this Dior Diorshow mascara in black. I've tried and reviewed D&G's volumizing mascara and LOVED it and wanted to compare it with Dior. 
Have you tried this mascara out yet? What are your thoughts on it? Worth the money? Did you love it or hate it? Let me know. 
I'll be doing a review on this, but like I said, I have a TON of mascara to go through before I get to this...eek...remind me to lay off the mascara purchases. ha.

My $8 NARS eyeshadows!! Yay. I'm so glad I found these little gems on the website...
and the deal is still available! Go check it out!

The packaging on NARS eyeshadows, and NARS in general, is so cute. I love the little mirrors. 
California and Night Sun.

Close up of California.

Close up of Night Sun.
Note: This has ALOT of chunky glitter in it. My camera couldn't pick up the glitter at all. 
It's a very pretty shadow. 
If you hate glitter, you could still get this as the glitter falls off pretty easily. You have to pack it on if you want the glitter to stay on. 

Swatch of Night Sun. It's pretty sheer. 

Swatch of California. 
This swatch looked better on my camera, sorry it's blurry. This is a VERY pigmented shadow. It's a lovely copper color. 

And last but not least, my two year old daughter wanted to help swatch. LOL. This is what was left over on my finger....SUPER pigmented.



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  2. awesome haul girl! when you get to it (haha) let me know how you like YSL vs Dior mascara. that should be VERY interesting. i love NARS eyeshadow. great pigmentation and it stays on! have a great evening :D
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  3. I wanted to try the YSL mascara too :) *jealous

    Nice blog btw. Im a new follower.


  4. Thanks, guys. :0)
    I can't wait to try the YSL mascara, I'm hoping it does wonders. It's not on Sephora anymore as a sample, but they do have a YSL toning & cleansing water if you use the code I feel like I need to purchase something so I can try that. haha.

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    Great haul! You got some great things! I love that smashbox primer! & those nars eyeshadows were a great deal!

  8. Girl, you got some amazing products! I like your taste;)

  9. LOVE Nars! That CA color looks amazing!


  10. those Nars eyeshadows are amazinnng!!
    I don't own any yet but I will definatly be buying some soon!!
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