Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm a Julep Maven

After seeing ads for Julep Maven all around YouTube and Facebook, I finally cracked and gave in. I found a code that lets you start the program for only $5! How could I pass that up? If I hate it, I can always cancel. 

If you haven't heard of Julep Maven yet, It's a program similar to Birchbox, but with nail polish. 
You get on the website and take a quiz and they set you up with nail polishes that go along with your personality type.
I'll be honest, I took the quiz three times until I got colors I actually liked. LOL.

When you first open your box.

This is the cute little bag complete with a pink bow.

The first item I received was this Facial for hands-hand scrub-3oz. I think they said it retails around $30-something  ( I don't have my card readily available) 
            I tried this out last night and I really love it. It exfoliates and moisturizes. It's pretty darn nice.
You will also get a couple samples thrown in your bag.
Samples! Yay! 

They take the time to wrap your polish all nice and pretty.

The colors I got were: Alfre-A frosty purple.
and Cameron- A pretty candy pink. 
(These descriptions are my own and not the official descriptions...I don't have my card near me..) 

I tried the polishes out as well, and they are thick and creamy. I only used one coat with the pink and two with the purple. They are really nice polishes.
The program is basically $20 a month and you have by the 25th of each month to decide if you want to skip a month or change your polish colors to a different selection. 

The only issue I have with this program is the polishes are TINY! They retail for $14 each, so if you do the program you are saving money, but they are really small bottles. 

Are you a Julep Maven? What do you think about this program? 
Do you want to try it out? The code "FB" will get you the starter kit for $5.
Let me know your thoughts.



  1. I've heard wonderful things about Julep Maven. Good for you in taking that plunge. Those colors are gorgeous and I read from another reader that she only needed one coat too! Enjoy the program. Have a great weekend! :D

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