Wednesday, November 16, 2011

OPI-Kardashian Kolors-Disco Dolls swatch

When I started uploading pictures for this post, I had intended on showing a couple of polishes, but I forgot to take pictures of their bottles! What!? How did I miss that? 
Anywho, I want to be thorough, so I'll just do a feature on Disco Dolls.

Disco Dolls is a gorgeous Golden Bronze glitter with multi colored glitters (Small glitters look like Rainbow in the S-kylie) *I should have featured that first, huh? lol*

It sparkles so much in person.

I did two coats and a top coat.

This is so much prettier in person, pictures can't capture sparkle very well.

Sorry, my nails are not salon quality, but I am so impatient! Lol. 

Disco Dolls is so pretty in person. This is one of my favorites from the Kardashian Kolors Collection. 

I give this an A.

Did you pick up any Kolors from the Kardashian line? I have a few I'm going to swatch.



  1. lovely gold glitter polish ;-)

  2. I'm a sucker for anything to do with the Kardashians haha I'm such a Fangirl! Love this colour!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  3. I saw the line and they came up with some very pretty colors. When I saw that particular shade, I said to myself how does it look ON!?! Well you answered that question for me. Looks great! It's really a unique shade. Hope you're having a great evening. :D