Wednesday, November 9, 2011

TheBalm-Nude 'tude palette swatches

Look what I found in my mailbox today!
TheBalm was hosting a Halloween Dog costume contest on their Facebook page and I thought, "Hey, I have a dog and she loves to be dressed up!" so I entered. We didn't place, but TheBalm was kind enough to give the Nude 'tude palette to everyone who entered! What!? That's crazy. 
I am so thankful for their kindness. It made my day. 

Here we go with the swatches.

The Nude 'tude palette-this comes in "naughty" or "nice" -My palette is the "nice" version. The "naughty version has nude women with the shadows placed over the "naughty" bits. The shadows are exactly the same in both palettes.

Look at those gorgeous colors! And that huge mirror.

***The first set of Swatches are without primer.***
They were smooth and buttery to the touch and easy to apply.

Sassy, Stubborn, Snobby, Stand-offish

Selfish, Sophisticated, Sultry, Schitzo

Sexy, Serious, Silly, Sleek

***The second set of Swatches are with primer***

Sassy, Stubborn, Snobby, Stand-offish

Selfish, Sophisticated, Sultry, Schitzo

Sexy, Serious, Silly, Sleek.

-Sassy, Snobby, Stubborn, Schitzo, Selfish, and Stand-offish are shimmery-

-Sultry, Sexy, Serious, and Sleek are matte-

-Silly and Sophisticated are glittery-

I am in love with this palette! It's so nice and it comes with an eyeshadow/liner brush.
This is available online at for $36

I give this an A for Awesome!


Do you have this palette? Do you love it? Are you going to get it? 
What are your favorite colors? 


  1. oh wow, how exciting i love these colors so bright and pigmented !

  2. ooh beautiful colours!! so pigmented too!!


  3. oh wow that's awesome! This palette looks so pretty!

  4. Gorgeous colors! That was awesome that they gave everyone a palette just for entering! I've not really ever heard of the brand The Balm though...

  5. WOW! That was sweet of them and what NICE swatches. You're gonna have fun playing around with those colors. :D

  6. I used this palette today and so far I love it.

    @Courtney- You can pick this up at it's $36

  7. The colors are great!! Looks even better than some of the Urban Decay palettes! Thanks for sharing, xox.

    I just became your newest follower! I would love for you to check out my blog & follow back if you'd like!