Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nail Of the Day + My Black Friday Haul.

Hello everyone! And welcome to any new subscribers. *waves.* 
How was everyone's(in the US) Black Friday and Cyber Monday?
Any crazy stories? Do you go Black Friday shopping?
Tell me your crazy stories.
And do you have any special shopping days in your country?

I thought I'd do a NOTD since I haven't done one in a while, mostly because I change out my polish like it's going out of style....aka: I'm not the best manicurist. haha.
I used this combo and thought I had to share this, it's so pretty and great for fall.

This was what it looked like the second day. Isn't it gorgeous? I had intended only glittering the accent nail, but I thought it was too pretty and glittered the whole hand. haha.
It reminds me of fall and Thanksgiving with the brown and gold together. 
I thinking I just might take this off since it's chipped now, and re-do it. I love this combo so much.

Normally I have chips galore, even with Seche Vite top coat. 
I actually only used Sally Hansen's 4-in-1 complete care as a top coat and it lasted for days! yay.

I had some minor chipping, but nothing too noticeable to make me change it out completely. 

I used Essie's Golden Nuggets.
A fine gold glitter in a clear base, as a top accent coat.

And NARS' Bad Influence. 
It dries darker on the nail, my pictures are accurate color. It looks really nice alone, or spiced up with an accent top coat. 

And......my Black Friday Haul!

BBW-Not all of it is shown, the Gift Bags are not pictured, but their contents are mostly there.

Now, my Black Friday experience. 

My Black Friday came a little early, it was more like Black Thursday.
We wanted to goto Toys-R-Us and pick up a little trampoline for our daughter since she's in gymnastics and she loves the trampoline. They had a little one on sale for $50 and I thought we'd just go, get in, and check out. HA. HA.HA.

We went and made it a little early and I totally underestimated how big of a crowd there would be. I thought for sure, since it opened at 10pm on Thanksgiving Day that everyone would be at home getting ready for all the midnight sales or already at stores like Best Buy.
Mmmm no. People were wrapped around the whole store and back to the front doors. My husband and I decided we'd just come back after we hit good 'Ol Walmart.
That was crazy too. We normally go Black Friday shopping, but never in my life have I seen a place so packed in all my Black Friday years. LOL.
That being said, we've never spent more than one Black Friday in the same state.....we move ALOT. 
We've been here for three years now, and this year was pretty crazy....

We swung back by Toys-R-Us and I sent my husband to check it out.
Ay, ay, ay.
They estimated his wait time to check out as 2.5 hours, and that was before he actually got to the trampoline.
We threw in the towel. No trampoline. Hmmph. 
BUT, he did get a good story to tell.
A lady ran her cart into another lady because she wasn't paying attention and then proceeded to cuss the lady she hit like it was her fault. The lady called the other lady out and they got into a fight and the cops kicked the lady and her husband out or they were going to be arrested for threatening violence. Ha. Toys-R-Us....

After all that, we decided it would be a good idea to hit the mall up for some Bath & Body Works.
We waited, and waited, and waited. The crown was huge and it was past opening time. The crowd got restless and decided it'd be a good idea to open the doors themselves. 
I'm pretty sure every cop in our town was there.The stun gun was brought out and used....the K-9's were there....it was a fun time. 
My husband and I saw that they were letting people in at a near store so we snuck off and got in while everyone else was waiting for the main entrance. hehe.

BBW wasn't packed when we first got there so I did what I do best. I shopped and found some awesome deals.
By my picture, you probably think that I spent an arm and a leg. Nope. I actually spent about $80 and got about $500 worth for FREE.
On Black Friday, BBW will let you stack coupons. I am a coupon Queen. I stacked coupons on top of already awesome deals. 
Thank you, Thank you. :0)
I've been trying to share my awesome deals with you guys, so whenever I come across a deal, I will be sure to post about it.

And that was our Black Friday.
How was yours?



  1. Great haul! And I love the nails! I've seen several bloggers post NOTD's with it and need to go get it! I feel like Black Friday gets crazier every year though. I waited with some friends outside of Coach for 2 hours and there were like 100 people in front of us and some that were campied out!


  2. OMG you have a great haul here, i still have tons and tons of bath and body works as well as victoria secret lotions and sprays since last years hauls lol

  3. That nail polish looks awesome on you! I love the color! WOW at your Haul!!! That is awesome girl. I'm so happy you scored what you wanted. I shopped online. It can get super crazy out there. Have a great evening my friend!!! :D