Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November Birchbox-Getting Gifty

I FINALLY got my November Birchbox in the mail today. Yay!

I was getting pretty worried since it's been sitting at the post office since Thursday. I actually had to stop by the post office to see what was up. With Veteran's Day and Sunday, they just hadn't got to my box yet....anyways, I finally got it today and it was worth the wait.
I have to say this is my favorite box so far. 

-Getting Gifty-

Since it took my box so long to get to me, I cheated and looked it up on the BB website. 
I would have cheated anyway, who am I kidding?

I got BB#21
I was really shocked that I earned the Baublebar, I didn't do anything extra special other than just reviewing the products. *shrugs* I am super excited about though. I really wanted one. 

I got Oscar Blandi-Jasmine Protein Mist-250ml is $18 
This came in a 2oz travel size. I love it when they send travel sized items. 
I am curious to see how this works. It's supposed to protect, fortify, and revive damp or dry hair. 

LaROCCA Skincare-Champagne & Shimmer Body Polish
6.76oz is $35 and this came in .05oz.
It says it features 24K colloidal gold...Oooooh, luxurious.
It smells a little medicine-y though, like when you have a cold and need vapor rub, yeah, like that.

My Bauble Bar! It's made of wood and has a sparkly ball in the center and is on a leather cord. It's actually very nice.

I totally feel like Justin Bieber and I are BFF's now.
You can get this for $20 at:

Klorane-Soothing Eye Makeup Remover with Cornflower
3.4oz goes for $9
They sent a .08fl oz, nice for traveling.
It says it's for sensitive eyes and is paraben free, so that is awesome.

I was so happy to get a nail polish in my box, I think I have an addiction. lol.
Zoya nail polish in Noel.
.5fl oz is $8 and this was .25fl oz.
This is a nice blue denim shimmery shade and it's a Holiday 2011 collection.

My treat was this Chuao Chocolatier-Firecracker Chocopod
The card says it's dark chocolate laced with chipotle and popping candy....hmmm, I am curious to see how this tastes. I don't really like spicy things...
2.8oz goes for $6
This was .39oz

I was very impressed with this months box. This has got to be, hands down, my favorite box so far. I give this box an A+

What did you get in your birchbox? How did you like your box? Did you get the Bauble Bar? Do you feel like you're BFF's with Justin Bieber, too? 



  1. Wow I am so jealous right now! Yours is 100x better than mine!


  2. Your box looks great :) seems better than the UK ones, we got Zoya in a recent box too :) xx

  3. that body polish looks amazing, you got lovely items ;-)

  4. Girl, you got some awesome stuff!!! The Zoya nail polish did it for me. HAHAHAHA Love it! I may have to join this program. Happy Tuesday!

  5. We got the same box! I was telling my mom that Justin Bieber and I are bffs now lol.