Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nicole by OPI-Kardashian Kolors

Have you heard about the Nicole by OPI-Kardashian Kolors Collection? Or should I say "Kollection?"

The Kolors include: It’s All About the Glam 
                        Kim-pletely in Love 
                     All Kendall-ed Up 
                                    Wear Something Spar-Kylie
                     Sealed with a Kris
                            Rainbow in the S-Kylie
          Disco Dolls
                            Kendall on the Katwalk
                              Listen to your Momager!
                        Follow Me on Glitter
                          My Empire…My Rules
                                    Khlo√© Had a Little Lam-Lam
                            Hard Kourt Fashionista
                             Kourt is Red-y for a Ped

While I was at Wal*Mart a while back I saw this Kollection (hehe) in full display and I just kinda glanced at the Kolors. (Anybody else getting annoyed with all the K's?) 
The very first shade that caught my eye was the multi-glittered " Rainbow in the S-kylie" it reminded me of "Happy Birthday" by Deborah Lippmann .
I had my two year old daughter with me and the store was kinda crowded, as usual, so I just went on my merry way and finished the dreaded grocery shopping. 

I had a chance a couple of days ago to go back and check out the display a little more in depth. Most of the Kolors (that K again! Ugh) were sold out, but the ones I was able to look at were very pretty. They have alot of glittery shades ( avoided the K...haha) And my eye was automatically drawn to that "Rainbow in the S-kylie" shade, they only had two left so I thought it was now or never, so I picked it up and never looked back.

It's a very pretty multi-glitter polish and upon further research, it's supposed to be an exact dupe for the OPI-Muppets  Collection- Rainbow Connection.

*I'll post some swatches, but I was trying to wait and see if I picked up any more colors before I do.*

If you're interested in the Kardashian Kolors you can pick them up at Wal*Mart for $7 each.

Do you have any "Kolors" from this "Kollection?"
Are you planning on picking any up?
What are your thoughts?

****Edit-I found another dupe for Rainbow in the S-kylie- OPI Spark-Tacular!**** 


  1. pretty colors, i might have to go check these out ;-)

  2. the names are so fun hehe :) i love the gorgeus 'kim-pletely in love' Kolour! xx

  3. See, that's good to know! I didn't know you could find them at Walmart. I like the dark blue MOMAGER one. HAHAHA They're all great! I love the names they come up with. :D

  4. I like several of them!

    Id love for you to check out my blog and follow, let me know and Ill be sure to follow you back!


  5. @SassyUptownChic-The Momager one was sold out. I went back and picked up another one, Disco Dolls, to swatch. OPI comes up with some pretty unique names, to say the least. lol

  6. These are so pretty! I haven't seen them in the UK yet, but I wanna get some of these colours! :O if you wanna have a look? :)
    Thanks! :) xx