Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October Goop Birchbox

Hey, Everyone.

I wasn't expecting my Birchbox for a few days but it was in the mailbox today! What a surprise.
I got an email a little while ago to opt in or out for a special Goop birchbox. I didn't do either and let fate decide which box I'd receive. 
Well, I ended up getting a Goop box.
And since it did come so early, I actually didn't peek for once. Haha.

So shipping was fast, I got a Goop box, and it was heavy. 
What could go wrong?

The packaging was white with "Goop" written all over it.

My goods.

I got this DDF Brightening Cleanser in 4.5 fl oz.
This is a NICE sized "sample." 
 A full size is 8.5 fl oz and $38.
So about $20 worth of product.

Really, Birchbox, really?
Per-fekt Beauty-Lip perfection gel in Melrose
This is super tiny and to add to the irritation, I just got this free from Sephora. Same color and everything.
This was counted as a sample, not an extra.
At least give me two....I know they were free, BB!
Full size is $24

Mighy Leaf Tea-three samples
This was my extra so I can't complain. 
A box of 15 is $9.95
So I got about a $2 sample.

Orofluido Beauty Elixir
Full size is $29.99 and 3.38 fl oz
This is a 0.17 fl oz sample.
Not a bad sample size since oil goes a long way.
This is about a $1.50 sample and it smells amazing.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum
Full size is $79 for 1 oz
This is a 0.06 oz sample.
This is about a $4.74 sample.

Soooo, overall it wasn't a horrible box for the value.
I really appreciate the large DDF sample and the larger Orofluido oil sample. The Per-fekt beauty lip gel is insanely small even if I didn't already receive this for free from Sephora.
The Caudalie is a pretty small size sample. 
The tea I'll accept as an extra otherwise I don't think I would have been happy with it as I don't really drink tea, but my hubby does so he'll appreciate it. ;)

I guess the most disappointing aspect of this Goop box is all of these items were recycled from older boxes.
I don't mind recycling.
I just don't feel like calling it a "Goop" box was necessary. It could very well have been just a regular 'ol birchbox. 

Only because of the size of the cleanser, I give this a 3.5 out of 5 stars. 

Did you get a Goop box or a regular box? What products did you get? 
Let me know.

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