Monday, October 22, 2012

See what's inside my Julep Trick-or-Treat mystery box

Hey, Everyone.
I got my Julep Trick-or-Treat mystery box in the mail a couple days ago and this is what I got in my box.

Unfortunately, I did not get the skull bracelet or the scarf. *sniff*
But I did get the decals and an extra nail polish so all is well. :)
And I guess the bracelet wasn't all that it was cracked up to be, apparently it was plastic? If you received one, let me know how the quality is, or the scarf, I have yet to see anybody mention it. 

The decals. Cute.

I got a purple and blue nail glitter as well.

Parker, Zoe, and Alma.

Parker is a Golden Tangerine creme.

Zoe is like Fall in a bottle.
I'm not a big shimmer/metallic or orange fan, but I fell in love with Zoe. She is gorgeous on.
She has golden reflects that catch the light and looks fiery on the nails. 

Alma is from the Trina Turk collection and described as a Retro dijon creme. 

All colors have been in previous Maven boxes and are available online, but Zoe. I think Julep is going to re-release Zoe for the Fall or Winter, correct me if I'm wrong. 

I'll have swatches up soon. 

Did you get a mystery box? What did you get?


  1. great box and very festive colors.

  2. FABULOUS!!! I was waiting for you to get your box. Love the colors of the nail polish and candy corn.